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Growth Anticipation

Modernize Procurement to Engagement

Right combination of strategic & financial value.

Inclusive Solution

Reimagine processes, accelerate to drive business transformation with end to end inclusive solution to contrive business growth.

Data Power

Analytics of Data handling to Data mining ensures competitive advantage for your business.

Assess Demand

Intelligently simplifying business acquisition.

Lasting Customers

Enlighten the journey of your company’s customer engagement to achieve lasting relationships.

Growth Realization

The missing factor

Take a plunge to modernize your business.

The missing factor - X.TRA.TECH

Expansive, scalable customer acquisition solutions for the businesses in travel ecosystem, enabled by modern technologies and data science.

Scrupulous Information

Who we are

Travel Technologist | Marketing Technologist

X.TRA.TECH was established in mid-2015 by passionate industry veterans with a vast experience of 15+ years in travel, technology, and marketing. Our know-how to be the experts in these fields has been built through a journey from being successful in brick and mortar companies to leading organizations. With experience in these realms (Travel, Technology, and Marketing), we are skilled at anticipating your goals from your thoughts, resulting in a niche relationship between our customers and us.

Travel Wisdom

Our competency to anticipate the goals of the objective, owing to our vast experience in the travel industry, crafts a niche relationship with our clients.

Technology Centric

With Open Travel Alliance, New Distribution Capability, and Data Science, we have created expansive digital solutions that are sophisticated with our rich technological background and industry wisdom.

Minded Marketing

Being technology-centric with business-minded marketing. Programatic approach to drive revenue by tapping in to the gap between digital touchpoints & customer experience



Tangible & Intangible Businesses

The missing factor - X.TRA.TECH

the companies in travel & tourism that offer tangible and intangible experience to its customers.

Strategic Associations

Growth Partners!

A leading Travel Group with the Destination Management Companies in the respective countries in the region.

Destination Management Company

Region: The Mediterranean

A leading airline ticket consolidator of most major airlines.

Airline Ticket Consolidator

Region: North America

Leading Airline respresentive of the region consolidating most major carriers.

Airline Respresentative

Region: Oceania

Leading Airline respresentive of the region consolidating most major carriers.

Travel Agency

Region: South Asia

General Sales Agent of Leading Airlines in business for over 25 years.

Travel Agency

Region: The Middle East

Corporate Travel Management Company Specializing in SOTO Tickets

Travel Management Company

Region: The Middle East

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